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cleardot What do I do first: "Determine the Size of the Kit"
1) Determine the diameter of the pontoons
2) Determine the length of the pontoons
3) Determine the width of the Kit
4) Determine the number of pontoons:
(2 pontoons are safer when the waves are normally / often more than 18" high)
5) To help you with your project there are two links on the left; a blank worksheet and a worksheet example to help you configure your kit weights and sizes.

Commonly Asked Questions
How do I determine the weight capacity?
A) Once you know the weight of equipment, people and other items to be carried on your boat open the weight capacity link on the left and find a boat kit size with a corresponding weight greater than the weight required for your equipment. The capacity should be 15% more than you need. If you need help just call or email U-Fab Boats. Please view the chart on left under Info Links.

Q) I have selected the size now what is the cost?
A) Due to so many price combinations you must call U-Fab Boats or send an email for pricing.

Q) I know the size and price, how do I order it and get it to my location?
A) Get in touch with U-Fab Boats and place your order. A deposit of 50% is required before production. Shipping is done in some areas by our own trucks or with a common carrier.

Q) I have the kit at my location, how do you assemble it?
A) This is the easy part. There is no welding and 2 people of average capabilities can put a medium size kit together and install the deck in 1-1/2 - 2 days. We have a good instruction manual that is included with each boat kit and the photos on this page will show you just how easy it is. (See Pictures Below)

Tools Required: Power Hand Drill & drills (1/8",3/16",5/16", 3/8", & 5/32"), Drill Drive Bits (for flooring screws), Ratchet  Wrench (with 1/4" & 3/8" attachments and same size spanners), Pop Rivet Gun, 25' Measuring Tape, 50 ft. of string, pencil or fine point marker.

10 Easy Steps to Built a Kit: For a more detailed description consult the manual

1.Place the 2 pontoons on the ground, making sure they are parallel and the proper distance apart.
Place a cross member at the rear and front of kit and install.

2.Install remaining cross members.

3.Allign and center motor support and install.

4.Install plywood or other flooring

5.Cut out area for motor to tilt.

6.Install carpet or other flooring if required.

7.Install outside edging.

8.Install the four aluminum corners

9.Install options such as railing and seats.

10.Take to the water, your done.


Helpful Pictures

Layout PontoonsPontoon Rear 
Attach HatbarsU Bars Assembled

Floor FramingFlooring

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