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Pontoon boat kits from U-Fab Boats


Pontoon Boats - Products and Accessories


Custom Barge / Work Boat Kits


A custom / modified kit is supplied for those applications not suitable for a standard size kit.

Custom kits can be used in many types of applications. The pictures on this page show a custom work boat assembled from one of our kits.

Our custom kits can be built to fit most clients specifications for all types of uses.

Twin masts with twin remote controlled winches lift an aluminum ramp.

 Barge with Ramp

The below custom made Pilot House is 4' x 5' on a 4' high base aluminum base.

Aluminum pilot house

Work boat or Barge

The above picture shows a work boat / barge used to transport goods and equipment in northern Canada.

Diameter of the pontoons are 39" with a length of 45'.
Width of the boat is 16' and is covered with aluminum plate.

A 39" diameter x 37.5' long centre pod gives added support and buoyancy.
The aluminum ramp is 8' x 14'


 We can supply ramps and masts (above picture) or manufacture other aluminum products like the heavy duty railing (see picture below)

Work Boat or Barge


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