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Pontoon boat kits from U-Fab Boats


Pontoon Boats - Products and Accessories


Pontoon Boat Kit 


Standard Boat Kit  (see exploded view)

At U-Fab Boats we pride ourselves in producing top quality pontoons & pontoon boat kits.

  • Built to government standards - Certification of Kit by Transport Canada if required

  • journeyman welders

  • extruded risers, received in 25' lengths ( see photo ) which helps a lot at keeping the risers level lengthwise and width-wise

  • end caps and baffles are made from dies for more strength and a better fit

  • solid welded baffles every 5' or less forming multiple water tight chambers in each pontoon

  • .125" thick as a minimum for pontoons up to 39" in diameter ( optional .1875" ),and .1875" thick pontoons are standard for 42" diameter and up. .250" thick pontoons available as an option

  • Minimum 28" diameter for all boat kits.

  • full length bottom and side keels are standard on all models, optional heavy duty side keels and bottom keels ( skid plates )

  • extruded hat bar cross-members, 3", 4", 5" or 6" high, are standard for all boat kits. Longer length hat bars are available as a non-cancellable order.

  • extruded c-channel or I-Beam cross-members are optional

  • quality control measures are in effect and orders are inspected by our quality control manager prior to shipping

Aluminum Pontoon

Choose from various sizes for the application that best suits you.
Our pontoons are made with an aluminum/magnesium alloy.

Build a Pontoon Boat for :

  • pleasure and party boats

  • ideal for fishing and scuba diving

  • work boats and utility boats

  • tour boats and houseboats.


Basic Boat Kit Description
Each standard Pontoon Boat Kit 
Contains the following parts

  1. 2 aluminum pontoons, each with side and bottom keels, front water deflectors, full length risers, sealed chambers at 5 ft. lengths or less and a rear mounting transducer bracket.
  2. Aluminum extruded cross-members x width of boat. Additional bars for reinforcement at motor mount and bow.
  3. 4 aluminum corners.
  4. Aluminum motor support (20 inch transom).
  5. 3 in. wide aluminum edging for complete perimeter.
  6. Towing bar.
  7. All necessary hardware.
  8. Assembly booklet.

Pontoon Boat Kits are made to last
Our pontoons are made with type 5052 H32 aluminum, an aluminum / magnesium alloy most resistant to corrosion in fresh and sea water.


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